"KNOW THY FUN SELF!"    ~Socrates (kind of)

Calling ALL Professionals (Side Hustlers, 
Freelancers and Work from Homers!)
with a "convoluted", "afraid you might be boring" story to tell to those around you. 

We ask you...

What do you really want to do?

What are you really good at doing?

I'm good at making thighs thinner, making people laugh and missing my mother.

Maybe YOU'RE good at speaking, baking and dancing while taking your clothes off (you have a secret stripper pole in your den).

Tell us. 

The host/co-host of The Nobody's Listening Show are lonely. We need connection via voice/face/laughs - one person at a time playing our game. 

And here's the best part! 

This is the Nobody's Listening Show so if 

  • you're "shy"
  • you're nervous
  • you care what people think
  • you don't care what people think, but you're not quite ready to be bold in "public" 
  • you want to be anonymous
  • you don't give a f*%k and want to tell somebody about you're dreams, talents, desires, etc.
  • you want validation (we'll give it to you)
  • you're ready to tell us (just us) something good or bad about you, that would SURPRISE or even SHOCK people you work with
  • you're not politically correct
  • you love to laugh
  • you simply want to play our game to help us feel not so lonely in our private world

There are NO WORRIES, because nobody's listening anyway. 

We have created a "shame-free" place for us AND for those who want to hang out with us. We need the "real" connection! You will eventually like us. We want you to be "free and open" and play our game in a webinar format. You will be allowed to "test" promote your "other" self (story) without seriously being labeled "certifiable**" by your family, co-workers or colleagues. You will be seen as fun and interesting to us... always. We are person to person connecting through laughter and stories of our skills and dreams.  SO...LET 'ER RIP!   

Listen to the "Nobody's Listening Show" and be a guest / contestant too & play our new GAME:

**If you describe someone as "certifiable", you think that their behavior is extremely unreasonable or foolish. [mainly British, informal, disapproval]

Mondays, 8:30pm EST;
Only email list members get the link.

Phone number will be available for listening only. (phone # will be posted here when we launch, soon)

Like I said earlier, we encourage that nobody listens, so giving up something & some effort is involved to see us and to get the recording(s).

How many "professional" jobs have you had? What kind of skills do you possess that you want to share in your story? Here's some of mine:

(Launching Fall 2017)

We're as lonely as a bow-hunting, meat-eater among vegetarians (or vice versa). Ever feel that way? Do you ever just want to play around with your "dream job" or "dream project"?

I mean I have a significant other and a grown son who lives kinda far away from home, but never forgets his momma. I teach up to 30 students a week.Technically, I'm not alone. 

What about my co-host who has kids all around her, a husband and she works "with people", she's hardly ever alone. We actually feel we never seem to have any peace. 

But for some reason, we're still lonely. We feel alone inside because I think we don't share ourselves really. 

We've always got a project that we are working on and/or, are secretly training to become "something" else. But we can't or won't share (fully) with those folks around us what we really want to do. 

We (me & my co-host) want to peel back a few layers because we've definitely been covered up (invisible) for too long. 

We've been too serious but now we're about to lighten things up and make them more fun! More passion. More truth. We don't want to be lonely any more, join us, help us have fun and...

"Dream Warriors...Come out to play-ay-ay! "

adapted from "The Warriors" movie 1979

After speaking to you for 10 minutes - Why are you telling me you're "just" the manager of a bank and all about your bank operations and new deals you've made?

When really you're a "local hero" (the best kind, BTW). I heard later in a casual conversation how you did CPR on a customer, saved their life; it gave the bank great press and you got a promotion! That would be so much more fun and interesting (even if you embellished it a bit). 

NOW... I want to talk to you. I might even want to know you. And I kinda like you already. 

Trust is the only barrier left and [trust] has got a better chance of happening at this point. We want know you. We want to like you. We want to trust you. REALLY.

We know, and so do you, that the person you are speaking to "gets" that second, underlined "tidbit" of information so much more than "just" your title. The second response is not "so canned", you are seen as personable, real, so people want more of you. 


... tell us how you really got the job. A job. Your favorite job. Why was that your favorite job. What kind of skills did you need to do that job successfully?

That's one of the things we're after when playing the Fun Story Short game... your skills. We also peek into your dreams (no matter how crazy they may seem). 

Fun Story Short is about high-lighting  your other "professional" skills that involve your life.

Have you ever been on a date with a person you really liked and wanted to impress? At a convention where you've bumped into your mentor? How about you're giving a talk on your expertise AND then have that feeling of, "I blew it!" OR "URGH! I'm SO stupid!" after telling your rambling, boring story with the phrase, "Long Story Short" in it? 

Do you ever try to "one up" people with your examples? We have. But no more.

Now it's your turn, "I'm good at _______________, ____________________, and _______________________"

Here’s my Fun Story Short:

(This is NOT an "elevator talk" or "30-second intro". I rarely say this verbatim. I have it memorized, so I have the freedom to say what works best in any particular situation. I use parts of it, never all of it at once.)

As soon as I graduated from college in the 1980's, I did stand-up comedy for 3 years. I can't tell you how proud my parents were when I went on the road, lived out of my car and slept wherever I could, (sometimes with whomever I could), all to get laughs from drunken strangers in dark, smoke-filled comedy clubs along the East Coast. Why did I stop? Well, I got pregnant before I got famous. Still... I tried to put comedy/humor in everything I did. Like becoming a single mother on welfare, with a college degree, a competitive body builder, then becoming nurse narcissist... now that's funny; how about being in a beauty pageant?... I know... hilarious! Let me tell you... it was my Mom's dry humor that always shined through.

Trouble is... 10 years ago, my mom “dropped-dead” on a treadmill. I’ve been living a Zombie ever since… Well, until I got truth-slapped… twice. Before the slap, I was "½ alive" and doing what I needed to survive (doing work I hated exposed my biggest fear, "Who will wipe my butt in my later years?") AND I was always trying "to get". When I finally accepted I don't like kids, then embraced & grew my "menopause afro", I started to live; I soon found the common denominator in all I do well for people, I truly started "to give"...  

Today, after the truth-slap, in my work & play, I consider myself a Heretic and I hang with other Professional Misfits (PM). I make your thighs thinner for life, make you laugh (at yourself; but me mostly) and I am offensive (to some). Through listening to your story & using a fun, short process, I help you (Professional Misfits) go from "LONG story short" to FUN Story Short, engage people, leave them smiling and wanting more. I can help you stop saying "Long Story Short" & get YOUR fun story straight, so you don’t put others to sleep when you start talking. (end of story)


Once I say a part of my FSS, my next question is almost always, "What's a Professional Misfit?"   I tell them. Then I ask if they have a social media account and if we can connect there and/or I give them my website/blog (which talks all about what a PM is & does) and/or I just straight up ask for their email if that looks good.

Do you consider yourself a Professional Misfit? If so, please consider joining us and developing more of your natural charm. I help you smile about yourself. Study of your self is the best education.

I can help you “Get YOUR fun story straight”, so you don’t become the ultimate cure for insomnia when you start talking.

Know Thy Fun Self,

                                                                                                                              ~Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe

How the game is played:

  • Contestants/guests, you are sent an application with your story questions. This helps us "get" who you are, in your words.
  • Answers are returned to us and you will be told which night would be best to appear on the Nobody's Listening Show's Fun Story Short game.
  • Contestant spins the wheel and must answer the "tough", yet fun, question from one or more categories below: 

#1:  Truth-Slapped

#2:  Menopause Afro

#3:  Irrational Want 

#4:  Biggest Fear

#5:  Animals or Children?
#6:  Common Denominator

These 6 categories are areas we overlook when we speak about ourselves; but they are in our subconscious mind all the time, driving us, often in the wrong, dry direction or they are holding us back.

#2 Menopause Afro

fun story short game show

After listening to your story,
the objective 
of Fun Story Short:

is to find and reframe a "critical part" of your original story, probably the boring part, and make it inviting to get people to smile, even laugh in a short amount of time... Then they listen... It works!

Fun Story Short, Nobody's Listening Show, Get your story straight
Your biggest fear, who will wipe my butt, Fun Story Short
irrational want, nobody's listening show, fun story short

#5 Animals OR Children?

#6 Common Denominator

#1 Truth-Slap

#3 Irrational Want

Fun Story Short is NOT a 30-second intro nor an elevator pitch. When you see my Fun Story Short it's not something I repeat verbatim. But rather, since I have it memorized & organized (it's my life), if I want to elaborate on one or two points, I can. Depending on who I am talking to, where I am speaking, depends on which part of my Fun Story Short I mention or not. NO MORE FUMBLING ABOUT WHAT TO SAY EVER! I always leave people smiling and wanting more!

#4 Biggest Fear

Take a listen how it sounds and get more laughs by clicking the link below:

The "fun, yet may be tough" questions come from several FSS categories above. Minky & Tarsha use the answers to prior questions from the contestant's application & original story. This is done behind the scenes to prepare for the show. 

Then when we go live, we will help guest/contestants come up with fun answers and anecdotes to ease that particular "perceived" mess in their story into a fun message! We use word games, simile, fill in the blank, segue, rhyme, alliteration, examples, idioms, mnemonics and sometimes slang and even vulgarity when making suggestions, telling a story and summing up a dream or two.

It will be a timed event. (Still working on the game rules) 

Laughs are expected. Contestants sign releases. Sometimes prizes are awarded.

Mondays, 8:30pm EST; Invitation by email only. You have to already
at least, like us.  (Coming Fall 2017!, actually starts October 30th, mischief night)

The Nobody's Listening Show

Featuring: "Fun Story Short" game 

A Sloppy Unfocused Mess Production

Your Host of The Nobody's Listening Show & Fun Story Short game:

(According to the great Jim Rohn, I would, should have a "Fab 5", but I could only afford to pay this 1 very special person (below) to be here. I have no friends "for free". Jim Rohn had more money than I do. Besides, I'm lonely remember!)

minky's weight cycling CCRAN, nobodys listening show

But Minky (me), can't do it alone. Other people have specialties too. This "gem" contributes to the show and she helps me. And I think she is great and has much to offer. I want you to say hello to my Fab 1... Fox (I like to call her Foxy)

Minky -
Heretic, Storylistener & Comedian, Lover of Exercise too.

Minky And PangPang...

No FUPWA, No Dicky-Do

Minky talks about some of this in the "10 lbs. in a 5 lb. Bag" segment of the NL Show. How to make  your thighs thinner & getting rid of the FUPWA!   (Also, other don't exercise to lose weight tips)

During an audition recording of one of our raunchiest, yet funniest episodes, we have background noise of a pug. I don't know which end it's coming from, but it's Lacy in the pic below. Opt- in to get the recording WARNING: It's definitely not for everybody. Only the brave ones, with a sense of humor... ENJOY! 

This is a sample line up of the Nobody's Listening Show:

Intro, Welcome, Disclaimer & Rules:

(5 min.) 

"I'll drink to that!" is a toast that I (Minky) or the co-host (Foxy) will say. 

We drink the beverage or "drink" of choice of the guest/contestant. It can be anything from mineral water to wine to peppermint tea to Jack Daniels to a green smoothie. It can even be a drink product that you're promoting. When some wisdom is dropped and we are having fun, I or my co-host Tarsha, will say, I'll "drink to that!". Then we MUST drink. ALL of us. You too. This happens throughout the show. (without warning)

Segment 1: 

Each week Minky & Foxy talk about our Pet Peeve(s):

"10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. Bag" is our Pet Peeve regarding diet and exercise.

(15 min.)

This look of "10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. bag" is a very bad look to me. Regardless of your size, if something is fitting you like an overstuffed sausage casing that's about to burst, you have a decision  to make:

  1. You can be uncomfortable and eventually get sued when you put somebody's eye out when that button pops across the table, or worse - you embarrass your self when your pants/ skirt rip while bending over and/or trying to move.
  2. You can do something about it. You get smaller or your clothes get bigger. An easy fix. Just DO SOMETHING. 

[10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. bag] is a metaphor for ridiculous diet and exercise things we do (but don't have to) and how to create an easy fix to the problem(s).

SPONSOR Announcement

(1 or 2 minutes)


Segment 2:

Fun Story Short Game:

The object of the game is for Minky and/or Foxy to guess what you REALLY want to do from your own story. And validate it for you. (It feels great to be validated, we know 'cause we validate each other every time we speak to each other.) 

The joke is - you may not really know what you really, deeply want to do and we help you give it a name or you know but are not fully disclosing it, holding it in and hiding behind your story somewhat. We'll help you release that. (usually with laughter)

VALIDATION & RELEASE... What could be better than that when talking about your work that you want to do that's in your heart.

FSS Game begins with this question or something similar from the host: 

"So what do you wanna do?" - Guest contestant tells their story in their own words.  

Guest/Contestant spins the wheel and lands on one of the 6 categories above. (To get their creative juices flowing) They answer a question from that category. Playful banter is infused into the categories. Contestant has 2 or 3 more spins, depending on time. 

Did the guest/contestant get even just one great, fun & interesting idea about what to tell about themselves [that they didn't see or know about themselves before?] We sure hope so. That's our goal. (plus connecting)

(~45 minutes for FSS game segment)

Working on prizes :)


LOOK we're smiling, even at our ugliest (when we want to 'hyde' it)
We know a lot about stimulants and stimulating people from our past years of dealing with nearly dead people (emotionally & physically) and bringing them back to life. (we're former nurses)

Really awesome people, just not our calling.

We've seen/done it all (most)...

We've laughed about food, dogs, kids, social media, death, beauty, aging, working at awesome jobs, herpes, ex's and exercise & personal freedom.

Yet STILL lonely... come play with us. (pretty please)

Why are we the best solution to you NOT putting people to sleep when you start talking?...

We're NEVER boring. We think of ourselves as
"Dr. Jerkyll & Ms. Hyde It"

During the show & game, people never know what personality/alter ego they will stimulate in us (soon in themselves) with their story!
(Comedy or Tragedy?)

(Prude or Crude?)

(Good Ass or Bad Ass?)

We will be genuinely interested in your answers and accepting too. You will not shock us!




Are you a (closet) Professional Misfit? A connector? Do you want to be a guest & connect with us and play our game & make your Long Story Short=>> Fun Story Short?

Your answer submitted to this question gives us some basic info about you being a "guest/contestant". We will contact you within 48 hours by the email you submit, then by phone. (You are NOT automatically put on my email list with this submission.)

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